Happening Now

A mega-landfill is currently under review for development next to the Pine Grove School, a historically Black elementary school, in Cumberland County, VA. This is yet another example of a Black community being handed the short end of the stick at the detriment of residents’ health.

This year, Commonwealth leaders passed SB406 – the VA Environmental Justice Act. This is the first time the state has expressly committed to promoting environmental justice. While this is positive progress, the Green Ridge mega-landfill is still being considered by the

VA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).


Will our leaders prove their words are more than empty promises and reject this mega-landfill? 

 No citizen of this country should unnecessarily settle for increased exposure to chemicals or unclean air and water. This should not be the norm, and our society must do better. All Americans deserve access to safe, healthy living conditions. Click below to say NO to the development of this harmful mega-landfill and hold our elected officials to their promise. 

There is still time to correct this injustice.