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Happening Now: Green Ridge Mega-Landfill

Environmental justice means all communities have access to clean energy, safe drinking water, and protection from toxic pollution exposure. These three elements allow a group of people to thrive. While renewed attention from the Biden administration and the Virginia Advisory Council on Environmental Justice (ACEJ) provide hope for communities of color that have systemically faced threats to their health and safety, environmental racism is

still alive and well in Virginia. 

The Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility seeks to continue this shameful cycle of oppression by placing a mega-landfill in Cumberland County, VA. No person should settle for increased exposure to pollution and contaminated water. This should not be the norm, and our society must do better.


All Americans deserve access to safe, healthy living conditions. 

Virginia’s new administration can correct course and stand firmly against environmental injustice. This starts by ensuring the Virginia Environmental Justice Act is adequately considered during the review process of all proposed projects.


Specifically, "[the law] involves an essential procedural framework and set of actions required to ensure that environmental policies and programs represent and benefit all Virginians and do not cause disproportionate harm to low-income communities and communities of color." The proposed Green Ridge Mega-Landfill would cause disproportionate harm. 


We need action!

Click below to say NO to the development of this harmful mega-landfill.

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